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Gum disease is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the gums and other tissues that support the teeth around the teeth

The main cause of gum diseases is bacterial plaque accumulating on tooth surfaces. Individual's immune response and risk factors such as smoking, diabetes and stress are among the effective factors in periodontal tissue loss.

Gingival bleeding that occurs during brushing or spontaneously, redness, swelling and tenderness in the gingiva, swaying of the teeth and the beginning of the teeth to move away from each other are the symptoms of gingival disease.

Microorganisms that cause gum disease and the harmful substances they produce can cause some health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory tract and lung diseases, and the risk of low-weight birth or premature birth.

Health conditions such as diabetes, immune system-related diseases, hormonal changes and some medications can affect gum disease.

Gum diseases progress unless treated and tooth loss may occur in the last stage of the disease.

As a result of insufficient removal of the bacterial plaque accumulated on the tooth surfaces, calculus occurs when some minerals in the saliva precipitate on the dental plaque. When done correctly with appropriate tools, tartar cleaning is not a harmful application for teeth.

Depending on the severity of the gum disease, the duration of treatment for gum disease varies.

It is known that smoking increases the severity of gingival disease and decreases tissue response to treatment.

Oral and dental health can be maintained by brushing the teeth twice a day, as well as using toothpaste, mouthwashes, dental floss or an interface brush

Although the design of the ideal toothbrush varies from person to person, a medium or soft brush with a flat handle and smooth surface that can reach all parts of the mouth can be used.

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